Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Democracy and the Current Situation of Latin America Research Paper

Democracy and the Current Situation of Latin America - Research Paper Example These definitions are just two among the many but are representations of its broadest sense. Though no matter the word â€Å"democracy† is defined, it has no universal established definition. Different democratic countries all over the world have their own democracies in varying degrees. Despite the differences based on specific experiences of each nation, democracy is seen to be distinguished by mainly two characteristics. First is the equality among its people while the other is the freedom to what it is to be fully human. A very informative case of all the other aspect of democracy can be seen through Latin America with a special focus on countries namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, and Mexico. These countries meet the conditions of a democratic regime. However, continental regions of Latin America are confronting serious dilemmas brought by their current democracy which is lacking in quality. Berkman and Cavallo’s (2006) research has found out that democracy is one of the top 10 that challenges the regions of Latin America. ...  Given the lack of effective political leaders that should govern and impose what it means to be democratic, the people of Latin America suffer from wide range problems, may it be individual or social. For the reason that Latin American nations have ineffective democratic governments, democracy comes closer to its negation. Instead of equality, it is inequality which shapes the said regions. Despite the unceasing conscious efforts of strengthening the political rights of the people, Latin America is extremely suffering from inequality as well as extreme poverty. The distinction between the rich and the poor becomes now clearly evident. This difference is even reinforced by different factors. Due to poverty, starvation is witnessed from the different regions. These regions lack the access and resources to the basic necessities. Not all are fortunate to have the right to education for it has been now a privilege amo ng those who can afford to get themselves educated. With the lack of education comes along the hindrance to employment. All these further lead to increase of poverty level which then, contributes more to all the other problems faced by the Latin Americans. Since all these are related and connected like a spider web, less and less are having the lives they should have as promised by the democratic system. Each day is getting worse and worse for the failure of the State of functioning properly to its people. Freedom is no longer attainable. Freedom to what it is to be fully human is now only for those who have all the means and all the capital. People feel suppressed with all the absence of their rights.

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